Boss Registration

  • Package 1

    Basic Earning up-to 60,000 Register yourself for a training session & Visit now.com

  • Package 2

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  • Package 3

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  • CNIC copy of BOSS & his father.
  • License copy & NOC for newly license holders.
  • Verification letter from police station.
  • Running Part Vehicle Registration.
  • Verified Inspection document from official and authorized inspection centers.
  • Authority letter if you are not the owner of vehicle.
  • Sales/purchase receipt if you just buy that vehicle
  • Copy of Utility Bills
  • Agreement copy if you are on rent
  • Original documents should be in hand at the time of registration
  • To achieve bonuses, you must achieve daily business guarantee of your selected package
  • Package of bonuses should be selected at the start of the month.
  • Your account wallet limit could not be decrease by 1500.
  • Do not accept a ride if you are not willing to ride otherwise you will be penalized up to PKR 1000 .
  • Your ID will be blocked after 3 ride cancellations.
  • Recharge amount is 1500 / business limit to avail total business of 10,000 from which 8,500 as a business limit and 1500 as a refund business.
  • Only 5 years old vehicles can register.
  • Your vehicle needs to be inspected regularly after 3 months.
  • Do not ever misbehave with the customer, if you have any issues register complain.
  • Always reach on time for pickup, specially rides from pickup points or restaurant.
  • You must complete at least one package i.e. business of 10,000 rupees.
  • in a month to get eligible for our partner percentages.
  • Any submission of fake documents will lead to penalty and permanent blocking of your ID.
  • You are responsible to collect total amount of fare/delivery product charges from the customer and submit it to the headquarters or district authorities.
  • Updated inspection form is compulsory at the time of reward i.e. right after every three months .
  • Reward system can only be entertained via material lost not by cash.
  • BOSS need to submit their security right fee before 5th of every month.
  • Security reward system is only valid for a year and renewable according to the terms.
  • Security reward can be avail once in a year only according to the terms mentioned.
  • Vehicle and mobile can only be rewarded by vendorís official registered showrooms and centers.
  • All original document is required at the time of agreement between BOSS & Service providers (vendors).
  • Evaluation will be according to the terms mentioned by the service providers.
  • now.com is not responsible and nothing to do between BOSS and service providers (vendors).
  • Reward will be awarded after 20 business days according to the terms sign by BOSS at the time of agreement with service providers (vendors).
  • now.com is redirecting the riders to secure their vehicles and mobile from his service providers (vendors) and therefore now.com is not responsible for any kind of financial or operational interference between BOSS service provider (vendors).