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Package Amount Position Duration Space
Bronze 5000 Random 11months 5 Products
Silver 10000 Top 50 11months 7 Products
Gold 15000 Top 10 11months 9 Products
Platinum 25000 Top 3 11months 15 Products
Platinum Plus 50000 B 2 B 11months 5-10 Services
  • Replicas are not allowed to sell at now.com
  • Any illegal products are also not allowed to sell at now.com
  • Orders from now.com application will be only delivered by only now.com riders
  • Refund orders are not responsibility of now.com
  • Delivery charges are the responsibility of Business owner registered at now.com platform
  • Your position and space is valid for 11 months only at now.com
  • Package price should be paid in an advance to now.com
  • Product details and images should be according to the requirement by now.com
  • Additional product with in the package cost 2,000/product at now.com
  • You can change or alter your products only one time in a month at now.com
  • Package price is not refundable from now.com
  • Switching of packages is allowed but the previous package will be expired from now.com
  • Product image should be according to now.com criteria
  • now.com has a right to change / add / alter these terms anytime
  • Always give respect to now.com riders/drivers
  • In case of any complain against the driver/rider launch the complain to now.com
  • now.com can alter their policies anytime with prior notice